Power Meter

The Kill A WattEZ Power Meter is an inexpensive plug-in power meter that is great for letting you figure out which appliances in your home or office are using the most electricity and costing you the most money.

It will calculate the cumulative electrical expenses and forecast by the day, week, month or year. It also displays your power line's voltage and line frequency. It is accurate to within 0.2%, and has a large LCD display, and builtin in battery backup.

You can configure it with your electric company's killowatt rate, so it can then tell you how much the electricity cost you.

The Kill A Watt EZ is designed for 115 volt power lines, and a maximum current of up to 15 Amps.

Information on this page is based on the claims by P3 International Corporation, the manufacturer. However, we've tried it and like it. It lived up to all of our expectations.

Power Meter

Power Meter Package