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The amount of electricity that your computer uses while it is running depends on several factors: the processor size, the type monitor, and peripherals that are running while the computer is on, the age of the computer and how the machine is being used. . Newer technology is more energy efficient. Depending on those variables the range can be from close to $6.00 per year to close to $400 per year. That�s a huge range. According to our source, using the computer can require from 60-250 watts of electricity. Using a screen saver does not increase that number. A laptop�s range can be from 15-45 watts. Again, the amount of electrical power used varies depending on what you are actually doing and what kind of machine you have. A computer in sleep/standby mode uses from 1-6 watts. A monitor�s range can be 17-31 watts for a 17� LCD to 80 watts for a 17� CRT. A monitor in sleep mode can use 0-15 watts. So it makes sense to set the computer to sleep when not in use. It does not harm or use more energy to turn off a computer and turn it back on so the best way to save energy with a computer is to buy modern equipment , set it to sleep mode after 15 minute of no use and turn it off at night or you are not going to be using it for awhile.

To determine the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour in your state, visit the website linked HERE or get the cost per kWh from your monthly power bill. Then use the calculator at the bottom of this page.

Commonly Used Devices
60 Watt Incandescent Light Bulb
100 Watt Incandescent Light Bulb
Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Clothes Dryer
Computer System
Computer System (sleep mode)
Drip Coffee Maker (brew)
Drip Coffee Maker (warm)
Electric Blanket
Furnace Fan
Microwave Oven (Highest Setting)
Oven at 350 degrees
Space Heater (portable)
LCD HD TV - 47 Inch
LCD Monitor - 22 Inch
Device Name:
Wattage of Device:
Kilowatt Hour Cost:
Hours of use per day:
Cost Per Hour: $0.015000
Cost Per Day: $0.007500
Cost Per Week: $0.053
Cost Per Month: $0.21
Cost Per Year: $2.73
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Power Meter.

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